About Us

APASS Education

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 At APASS, we provide a direct path to your educational goals

Our story

APASS has grown from a small organization into a leading educational institution. Founded in 2015 in Vancouver, APASS Education Group aims to provide a solid integrated education system to assist students. Our mission at APASS is to provide students with the skills and the guidance needed to successfully advance towards their educational, vocational and personal goals that will eventually lead to their full participation in society.

APASS offers a system which stems from extensive real-world experience and student-centered curricula offering a variety of services and courses that integrate multiple approaches to fit students’ unique needs and expectations. APASS is a one-stop solution for students as well as educators.
At APASS we constantly strive towards our goal to be the most trusted education brand and we are devoted to continuously offer new and better services and guidance to help students better adapt to our constantly-changing world. Together, we’ve already begun to impact the lives of many in our communities and we’re just getting started!

Our Team

Our team of highly professional and experienced consultants and educators thrive to provide  comprehensive experience throughout the different stages of education, offering the most accurate and relevant information, setting attainable goals while providing support and personalized attention for each and every student.

Elaine Qin, CEO

Jorgen Amari, Academic Director