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Bunny is an experienced IELTS/SAT instructor. A former education manager at the Global IELTS headquarters, she holds teaching certification in Australia, and is a member of the Beijin Writing Association. With over ten years of teaching experience, Bunny focuses on IELTS/TOEFL/SAT instruction.

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Sting graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University with a degree in English. He has over 15 years of experience in international education and English instruction, holding teaching positions with Study in Australia, Global IELTS, University of International Business and Economics, and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. He has taught numerous outstanding students of IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT.

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English Provincial Exam, Writing, and Grammar

Laara is a certified BC secondary school English teacher of 30 years, and has been a marker for English 12 provincial exams. She has taught in BC and overseas, instructing the subjects of English, Humanities, Social Studies, etc. She has profound knowledge in the provincial exam, IELTS, SAT, public speaking, and literature.

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French Music and Drama

Sam is a BC Certified teacher from the south of France. He is an experienced educator who leads a dynamic classroom. Sam familiarizes young children with French through original songs, drama, and games. He believes that learning French can be made fun and easy for children through quality education. He is teaching students at all levels of French, and his group classes are well adored by students.

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Sina has completed a PhD at the University of Surrey, UK. In addition, he has finished a teaching certificate, specialized in teaching students with special needs. He has several years of experience working as an academic advisor and lecture assistant at his university. He works to establish a supportive relationship with students and fellow teachers, all with the aim of promoting and reinforcing his students' independence and self-esteem.

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For 15 years in Canada and Italy, Jenessa has taught children, adolescents and adults how to use English for communication, connection and lifelong learning. She uses a variety of activities to engage younger students, and she teaches older students how to lead conversations, give presentations, and manage examination stress. She has taught adults to improve their business English for career advancement.

English & Humanities

Chris is a certified teacher in BC, and he has been a classroom teacher for 15 years. He has taught English 9, English 10, English 11 and AP Seminar; Social Studies 9, 10, 11, and History 12. He is very familiar with the content and skills of all of these curricula. He also has experience teaching research essay writing and writing based on various forms of literature. Finally, he can help students gain more confidence in the area of public speaking and presentations.


Nick is an enthusiastic instructor eager to help his students succeed. He holds an MA in French Linguistics from UBC. One pillar of his educational approach is treating students as colleagues: doing away with the “teacher vs. student” mentality, he fosters a mutual respect which lays the groundwork for productive learning. He also idenitfies various ways of looking at a concept or problem: this allows him to cater to the learning style of each student, helping them to see things in a way that makes sense to them. Besides French, Nick can also teach Spanish and English.

English & Humanities

Clarisse is an experienced educator, specializing in Social Studies, History, English Literature, and ELL. Her strength when teaching is connecting her students to the curriculum through social and political interest and discussions. She is experienced teaching elementary and secondary school students in public and independent co-ed school environments. Clarisse challenges students to discover their passions in learning English and Social Studies through personal and academic experiences.

Other Subjects

Math and Science

G12 Biology
G12 Chemistry
G12 Physics

G10 Math
G10 Science


Bonnie graduated from UBC and has obtained a BC Teaching Certificate. She specializes in teaching high school science subjects with a focus on the New BC Curriculum. She currently teaches Science in the Burnaby School District as a substitute teacher. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin and can adopt different languages and teaching methods according to students’ various cultural backgrounds.

Math and Sciences

Daniel received education in Voucouver and therefore is very familar with the BC Curriculum. He completed a bacherlor’s degree at UBC, and is planning to attend medical school. He has 9 years of experience teaching math, science, and AP subjects, including Psychology, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Math and Sciences

Cicy graduated from UBC. In her years of teaching, she has maintained strong connections with students, offering help in a variety of BC secondary courses with her passionate teaching style and student- centered perspective. She has led her students to explore their potentials in their learning, reaching out to the unknown and acquiring professional understanding of the world.

Business and Economics

Matthew is a certified secondary school teacher, receiving his BC Teaching Certificate upon graduating from UBC in 2018. He specializes in Social Studies, Business, Economics, and English. Matthew is enthusiastic and amiable, and he is experienced in teaching English as a second language. His students enjoy his classes and interacting with him before and after class.

AP Calculus

Bryan majored in Mathematics in the University of Hong Kong,and later received a Master of Science in the University of Illinois. He has taught in various tutoring centers in Vancouver, and is an expert in IB and AP Calculus. In 2018, three of his AP Calculus students got point 5 on their exams.

Math and Sciences

David is a Ph.D. candidate in Plant Genetic and Molecular Biology at UBC, a Master Degree from University of Florida, USA. He has been appointed as teaching assistant at UBC since 2014. He has five years of teaching experience in college biology and high school AP and IB courses (math, biology, chemistry, physic). Over the years of teaching David has helped many college and high school students to find joy in their learning and achieve higher mark in their exams.

Math and Sciences

Happy holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education from UBC, Bachelor of Science in Astronomy, and Bachelor of Education. He is a talented teacher who can efficiently help students to improve school marks on all subjects, specially Mathematics/Calculus, Physics 11-12, Chemistry 11-12, AP Physics, AP Calculus, SAT Math, SAT 2 Math/Physics/Chemistry, and ACT Math/Physics/Chemistry. Happy is one of the most popular tutors/instructors in the Greater Vancouver area.

VAPS Programs

Public Speaking

Carol represented all of British Columbia in the Toastmasters International World Championships of Public Speaking, making her one of the top 18 speakers in the Toastmasters world that year. Carol is a sought-after speech coach for both International and Humorous Speech competitors. At APASS, Carol teaches public speaking and coaches students to compete at Canada International Youth Public Speaking Contest.

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Shay has been involved in the“Spoken Arts”for over 30 years. She directed and performed in several plays, and was nominated for 2 Theater BC Awards, one of which she won. Shay enjoys mentoring and teaching children drama, storytelling, and public speaking. Her great passion for education has helped and supported many students on their journey to become an artist.

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Fredrick has a Degree of Excellence with the National Speech and Debate Association. He is a debate coach of: Stanford 2017 JV semi finalists, Harvard 2016 International Champions, and Georgetown 2017 JV Champions.

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Darren won Toastmasters District 96 Table Topics Champion in 2015, and Toastmasters District 96 Evaluation Speech Champion in 2016. He is a distinguished Public Speaking Trainer and Interview Coach, with experience mentoring in the UBC Business Academy and MBA. Darren has been coaching students with public speaking, interview and negotiation skills.

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Drama & Public Speaking

Shalyn Ferdinand is a professional Actress and Communications Consultant. She has worked with a variety of corporate clients, creative arts organizations, and has on-set experience with AppleTV, NBC, CBS, The CW, TNT, and Novus. As a former public speaking competitor and elite athlete, Shalyn loves working with children and young adults to train for competitions, debates, and teaching dramatic interpretations.

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