Second Language

In a globalized world, learning a second language is an investment that can pay great return. It
provides advantages in studying and for future career prospects abroad. Studies have shown
that learning multiple languages may have the following beneficial impacts:

1) Boosting Brain Power
Languages are complex! Each language has an intricate system of rules, structures, and lexis.
Mastering a second language means that your brain has to cope with a complex problem as it
makes sense of an handles new patterns. This allows the development of key learning skills
such as cognitive thinking and problem-solving.

2) Enhancing the Ability to Multi-Task
There is evidence from the Pennsylvania State University that suggest people who are
multilingual are more proficient at multi-tasking since their brains are practiced from slipping
from one language system to another.

3) Makes the Mind Sharp
Evidence from Spain’s University of Pompeu Fabra suggest that individuals who have multiple
languages are sharper at observing their surroundings. They can more easily spot things that
are irrelevant, deceptive, or misleading information. This can prove to be a great advantage in
academic studies! Studies have shown that multilingual students perform better on
standardized exams in other academic areas such as math.

4) Improvements in First Language
You will become more familiar with the details of your first language when you begin learning a
second one. Individuals with multiple languages also tend to be better listeners as they are
accustomed to having to interpret meanings.

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