Our Team

CEO: Elaine Qin, Ph.D.


Elaine Qin, the founder and CEO of APASS Education Group, began her journey of education and personal development back in her native country, China, as a PhD researcher and university professor. In the field of Materials Science.

As a newcomer to Canada in 2003, Elaine experienced the challenge of pursuing her professional career in research and education and so she decided to make a transition to administrative work and social services. She assumed her new role at MOSAIC, which is a non-profit organization that provides services to new immigrants, as a program assistant in Volunteer Program and later became the Program Facilitator. As a result of this transition, Elaine developed a strong passion for community service and leadership.

This led to the establishment of APASS Education Group in 2015, founded on Elaine’s belief that education should be the core of both personal and social change. As a result, APASS Education Group has now become a platform where education and dedication to growth are intertwined, creating an environment where talents are identified, fostered, and carefully nurtured. Elaine has used her passion for education and her leadership skills to help create an educational setting where students from different backgrounds and with different expectations can receive the attention that they need in order to achieve their goals and will become successful and responsible citizens. To this end, APASS Education Group serves a solid  platform that offers a range of services and programs, including educational consulting, academic improvement programs, language enhancement programs, test prep, public speaking and debate, non-profit Gavel clubs (Toastmasters’ Youth Program) and sponsoring company program of junior achievement BC.

Elaine believes that every individual has infinite potential which can be realized and manifested and therefore it is the responsibility of those involved in education and are considered the gatekeepers to provide an environment that inspires creativity and empowers students to grow as successful citizens and leaders

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Top left: Interviewing Andrew Wilkinson, former Minister of High Education, BC Canada 2017
Top right: Interviewing Terresa Wat, former Minister of International Trade and Multiculturalism, BC Canada 2018
Bottom left: Interviewing Maggie Ip, founder of S.U.C.C.E.S.S 2019
Bottom right: Meeting with Ahmed Hussen, former Minister of Immigration Canada 2018
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Top left: Speaking at Burnaby Lake Run 2018
Top middle: Duke of Ed participants in LEAD program 2016
Top right: Speaking at 2nd Canada Intl. Youth Public Speaking Contest & Lions Peace Poster contest 2018
Bottom left: Receiving award from MPs at 2019 Burnaby Lake Run Press Release
Bottom middle: Receiving interview at China Education TV in Beijing China
Bottom right: Becoming the president of 2019-2020 Lahoo Lions Club

Our Service Team 我们的团队

Andrew Abel

College Counsellor(USA)

Kathy Kuo

Coquitlam Branch Manager

David Guan

Academic Director

Mary Fu

Debate Program Manager

Joyce Chuang

AP Exam Prep. Program Manager

Xianghua Kong

Marketing Co-ordinader /Chinese Instructor

Lianne Wang

Education Consultant

Sandy Cui

Public Speaking

Program Coordinator

Our Teaching Team 我们的教师队伍

Carol Carter

Public Speaking

Neo Cheung

AP Psychology

Fredrick Ni

Debate/World School

Julie Howgate

Public Speaking/Acting

Gary Saville

English Literature/AP/IB

Chris Jacoby

English Literature/History

Fiona Wang


Cheryl Aman

IB English Literature

Aidan Wilson

Debate/World School

Darren Frew


Aaron Parker


Kevin Nian

Debate/World School

Carey Liu

Computer Science

Clarisse Yeh

English/Social Studies

Erica Chan

AP Art History

Graham Hooton


Amir Barhoumi


James Zhou

STEM Science

Andy Krieger

Accent Reduction

Ariella Schlossburg

English/Public Speaking

Yumeela Ganga-sah

STEM Science

Cary Guo


Mohammad Nick khoo


Tammy Ellis


Zineb Dribina


Sean McGarragle

English Literature

Wen Zhou


Morgan McKee


Sam Couix


Peter Jiang

Debate/World School

Sandy Cui

Debate/Public Speaking

Jeff Lee

IB Physics/Math

Heena Amin