Frederick – Debate / World School

Fredrick has 8 years of Debate, Mock Trials and Model UN coaching experience. He has obtained a Degree of Excellence with the National Speech and Debate Association in USA.

Fredrick’s students have won many awards including Stanford University High School Debate Tournament Champions, Harvard University High School Debate Tournament Champions, UBC High School Debate Tournament Champions, Seattle Puget Sound High School Debate Tournament Champions and Top speakers, and Georgetown University High School Debate Tournament Top speakers.

Anna – Debate / Public Speaking

Anna graduated with High Distinction at UC Berkeley, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Since 2013, she has won awards at over 20 debate tournaments, which is to say that her passion for public speaking has never dwindled. While attending university, she fostered her interest in debate by joining Parliamentary Debate at Berkeley: the most competitively successful student-run debate team in the history of the National Parliamentary Debate Association. She is beyond excited to teach, but more importantly, be inspired by the next generation of eager debaters.

Aidan – Debate / World School

Aidan has been passionate about all forms of debate for a number of years. As a leader in the debate circuit, Aidan has run and organized two university level tournaments for BC Debate Society. In addition, he has broken to quarter finals at US’s Western Regional Championship and to finals at SFU’s Inter-varsity tournament. Now as the president of the UBC Debate Society, Aidan wants to see more young people break out of their comfort zone and join debate.

Peter – Debate / Model UN Conferences

Peter is graduating with a degree in International Economics from UBC in 2022 and has been involved in debate for nearly eight years as a debater, coach, and tournament organizer. In high school, Peter was a regional debate champion, top speaker of the UBC Fall HST, and earned numerous other awards over more than a dozen debate tournaments and Model UN conferences.

Outside of debate, Peter has interned for the U.S. Consulate General Vancouver. He also serves as the Director of Operations for UBC’s IONA Journal of Economics.


Kevin is the regional coordinator of DSABC (Debate and Speech Society of BC) in years 2017-2010, as well as the managing director of CAHMUN (Canadian High School Model United Nations), because of his rich debate & Model UN experience. Kevin has coached many students to prefer well at Stanford University High School Debate Tournaments, Harvard University High School Debate Tournaments and Yale University High School Debate Tournaments etc.

Kevin holds a bachelor degree of Commerce from UBC Sauder School.

Emad – Debate / Public Speaking / Model UN Conferences

With five condensed years of experience in Debate, Model UN and Public Speaking, Emad is a knowledgeable and passionate orator and instructor. Emad taught Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and World style debate classes and his students reached the quarter-final stage of competitions at Stanford, and Harvard in 2017, 2018, and 2019 respectively. His Model UN classes have received honourable mention awards for conferences at the UN Headquarters in New York in 2018 and 2019. In addition, Emad helped students succeed at the Scholar’s Cup tournament for 2018, 2019, and 2020. Scholar’s Cup is a large, international competition testing younger students on their essay writing and public speaking skills. Be it impromptu debate strategy to conducting delicate research for a specific debate format and motion, Emad goes above and beyond to make sure his students learn and enjoy the art of public speaking.