French Immersion

We use French DELF test as the standardized format for our program. We have professional French teachers and original textbooks. We integrate a combination of online multimedia interaction, so that our French courses are unique and cannot be found elsewhere!

While learning French, you could also take the French language test regularly and obtain a certificate. According to the student’s age, our French courses use three sets of different textbooks and are divided into different levels to ensure that students can learn French step by step and gradually reach the level of native French speakers.

Notes for Registration:

  • Except for PRIM Al.l and Al, which can be directly registered, all other levels need to complete upper-level courses or take entrance tests;
  • The entrance test fee is $20, which can be deducted after enrollment;
  • The entrance test is divided into two parts: written test and oral test. The test will be arranged within two working days after payment;
  • Textbooks and workbooks need to be purchased separately;
  • The teacher conducts one test in class every month and provides parents with a report on the progress of their studies;
  • The teacher makes one upgrade recommendation every three months.