About Us

Our Company

APASS Education, founded in 2015 and based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, is a one-stop education partner for students of all ages and abilities. We provide a wide range of educational services: improving school performance, cultivating hobbies and interests, developing social responsibility, and enriching teamwork and leadership skills.

Our Educators  

Our educators, numbering more than eighty, are certified teachers in schools, and lecturers in Canadian and American universities. Our instructors are experienced experts in their field and passionate about teaching.

Our Partners  

We work in partnership with many internationally renowned organizations to build quality youth training opportunities and jointly host international competitions. In addition, our liaison with Canadian government agencies provides young people with chances to participate in real-world politics.  Furthermore, our ties with local Canadians institutions ensure that our students have the ideal mentors and optimal work experience in the field of their dream career.

Canada Youth Education Society  

APASS Education Group is also one of the sponsors for Canada Youth Education Society. Canada Youth Education Society (CYES) is a non-profit organization that serves youths and families within the Chinese community. Their mission is to provide our students with the environment to develop not only their academic strengths, but also their social and mental well-being. They hold regular workshops, including volunteer training, anti-bullying, Know about Drugs, disaster preparedness, etc. They are also the supporter of the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Our Services 

College students (outside of Canada):

  • Canadian University and Graduate Application and guidance for student interviews, exams and applications
  • Canadian study visa application
  • Arrangements for Canadian school dormitories or other residences Undergraduates (within Canada):
  • One-on-one customized service

Elementary and secondary school students (outside Canada):

  • Canadian public and private school applications (local and abroad)
  • Canadian summer camp application; visits to American and Canadian schools
  • Guide students to prepare for relevant exams/interviews and events
  • U.S. and Canada Elementary and Secondary School Student Competition Application
  • Arranging legal guardian(s) and visa applications in Canada; arranging for a Canadian host family or residence

Elementary and secondary school students (within Canada):

  • Settlement services (pick-up/bank/mobile/other life settlement, etc.)
  • School arrangements (school check-in/class/school counselor meeting/parent meeting, etc.)
  • Study tracking and tutoring (course selection/school activity arrangement/course planning)
  • Study visa and temporary resident visa renewal in Canada; application and renewal of parent-student visa
  • Extracurricular interest, volunteer opportunities, and academic activity planning and quality improvement
  • Application and pre-match training for American and Canadian primary and secondary school students
  • Applications for well-known universities in US and Canada, including essay preparation and interview guidance

Our Programs 

  • AP University Prerequisites including AP Psychology and AP Statistics.
  • Prestigious certificate courses: MIT Computer Science Foundation/UBC Business Foundation, etc.
  • STEAM: Computer programming/animation/video editing/creative art/STEM comprehensive courses, etc.
  • Competition training courses: science/mathematics/computer/robot/speech/debate, etc.
  • Standardized test preparation: SAT/SSAT/TOFLE/IELTS/DELF (French) etc.
  • English Improvement (ESL)
  • English Course including writing, reading, performance, speech, debate, and performance
  • Second language courses including: French/Spanish/Chinese
  • Regular school synchronous courses: mathematics/chemistry/biology/physics/history, etc.


Annual Competitions Held

  • Canada International Youth Speech and Writing Competition (since 2017) More….
  • The Commonwealth High School Debate Tournament (since 2021)