Who are we?

APASS Education, based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, strives to be a one-stop education provider for students of all ages. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a wide range of educational service for young people. Examples of these services include: cultivation of hobbies, teaching the spirit of serving the community, development of teamwork and leadership skills, and cultivation of global elites with both ability and political integrity on an international perspective.

We firmly believe our teachers are at the heart of the high quality education we provide to our clients. Our teachers are selected from among the best. Our instructional roster contains more than eighty teachers with a lot of them being certified teachers or university lecturers in a Canadian or American college. Our instructors are all experienced and passionate about teaching having taught for many years. 

We cooperate with many internationally renowned non-profit organizations to build youth quality training projects and jointly organize international competitions. We maintain close contact with Canadian government agencies and parliamentarians to provide young people with opportunities to participate in politics; we also cooperate with many local Canadians institutions. Our organization is a reputable company in the educational community, thus creating a unique education brand in Canada!

The 48th Harvard National Forensics Tournament, Feb 18-21, 2022

CEMC 2022 Pascal/Cayley/Fermat Math Contest, Feb 22, 2022

CEMC 2022 GAUSS Math Contest, May18, 2022

Caribou Math Contests, Feb 16/April 6th/May 11th , 2022