Educational Consulting

Our expert educational consultants are highly qualified. We are able to help and support our clients in finding the institution and program that can best suit their needs and expectations. At APASS, we follow the dynamic and fluid nature of the admissions process in order to ensure that we provide accurate and up to date information. Furthermore, APASS has established reliable contacts at nearly every admissions office in Canada and the United States in order to discuss our clients’ applications and questions.

What We Offer

Private School Admissions Consulting
APASS admissions experts offer comprehensive and student-centered experience for our clientele and help them gain admission to private schools in Vancouver and in other parts of Canada. At APASS we utilize a highly effective and easy-to-understand application process that provides a direct path to our clients’ educational goals.  

Academic Planning
At APASS we believe that meticulous and detailed academic planning is key to a student’s success. By identifying and addressing weaknesses and creating methods and tools to help each student to realize his or her full potential, we work closely with our student and his or her parents to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our educational experts put the needs of our students first and commit to a set of methods and programs that are right for them and their educational growth.  We will provide constant support and encouragement through challenges, making sure that improvements will positively impact their current school life, as well as their university and social life.

Private School Admission Consulting

  • Application Assistance and Support
  • School Matching
  • Campus Visits
  • Student & Parent Statements
  • Reference Letters
  • Parent and Student Interview Coaching
  • School Decisions and Admissions Follow-up

Application Support

At APASS, we manage school application forms and communication with the selected schools. We will also inform our clients of any updates provided by the school, including changes in application requirements. We will help our clients to collect supporting documents such as report cards, references, and officials documentation.

School Matching

We will create and develop a list of potential schools that can best match our client’s expectations, personality, and abilities.

Campus Visits

At the family’s request, we will help our clients with scheduling and arranging meetings, and keeping track of appointments, or school visits. We will even accompany our clients on their school visits. We will also train both parents and students how to leave a positive and lasting impression in their meetings with the school officials.

Student and Parent Statements

Our team of consultants will conduct a thorough interview with the parents and the students to ensure that they are fully prepared. We will ask in-depth and detailed questions about our clients’ background, employment, values, goals for their children, parenting style, and their unique visions and perspectives. Our goal at APASS is to provide statements that can accurately reflect our clients’ goals and aspirations for their children.

Reference Letters

We believe that reference letters should provide great insight into a student’s academic and personal abilities. Thus, our experienced educational consultants will assist our clients on in identifying the important points to support and highlight in their reference letters. We will provide expert advice on how effectively they should communicate their points and to what information should be included in order to make their reference letters powerful and compelling.

Parent and Student Interview Coaching

At APASS, we understand that the interview is a client’s chance to make a lasting impression and set him or herself apart from the other applicants. we coach both the parents and students on how to make a strong impression. We teach our clients how to create and develop a compelling and unique story so that they will stand out in a highly competitive situation.

School Decisions and Admissions Follow-up

Our team of expert consultants are fully dedicated to our clients’ success so we ensure that our clients are kept up to date about their application status. Once results are released, we meet our clients to discuss their options and develop further strategies and plans for the next phase of the application process.

University and College Admissions Consulting

Our highly professional and expert educational consultants provide full support in finding the institution and program that best suit the applicant’s needs and expectations. At APASS, we keep abreast of the latest updates and follow the most recent developments in the admissions process to ensure that accurate and effective consultation. In addition, we use our well informed contacts at almost every admissions office in Canada and the United States in order to provide the best possible path to our student’s academic goals.

Whether the applicant wants to apply to a Canadian university or an American university, we are fully committed to providing topnotch services that ensures the applicant submits an application that maximizes his or her success rate. Our educational experts will help the applicant through drafting and editing personal statements in order to highlight his or her strengths, thus creating a professional and compelling case, as well as training and preparing the applicant for interviews. 

How APASS Can Help

At APASS, we are committed to providing an educational service that sets us apart from other educational consulting firms. We assist our clients through drafting personal statements (statements of purpose) to highlight their strengths in order to create a compelling story. We will also prepare our clients for interviews using our expert and highly effective methods of answering standard and unexpected interview questions.


  • We promote in depth learning.
  • We provide insight and guidance from an insider’s perspective.
  • Our team of highly qualified consultants have firsthand experience working with a number of top private schools.
  • We have past experience with both Canadian universities and American universities.
  • We take lifelong learning seriously and develop strategic approaches that work and yield outstanding results.

Our admissions experts provide guidance for the process to ensure a strong application that stands out from the competition.

Application-based Consulting that include:

  • Selecting the universities and programs.
  • Support with doing application forms.
  • Step-by-step support with personal statements.
  • Interview training and guidance.
  • Reference letter preparation.
  • Strategic study plans and implementation.
  • Organizing transcript reporting process.
  • Developing highly effective and compelling admission essays.
  • Preparing students for online interviews.
  • Support for students on the transition to first year at university.

These services are offered individually or as a personalized package , depending on our client’s expectations.